“Cindy’s presentations are practical real-life lessons that effectively prepare all doctors and staff for office emergencies that you never expect but inevitably happen. Her workshops are both informative and highly entertaining!”

Dr. Michael Cohen
Seattle Study Club

Cindy Kleiman was invited to Great Blue Heron Seminars where I had the opportunity to hear her present to Dr. Michael Cohen’s study club. She has a comfortable and effective presentation style that was inviting to everyone in attendance. Even at 7pm following dinner, study club members were engaged and listened to the practical, life-saving information that she delivered.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with her outside of this experience and she is by far one of the easiest speakers I’ve communicated with. Cooperative, quick to return emails and calls and moreover, one the nicest people with which to work!

Mary Boer
Director of Education 
Seattle Study Club

This was the most effective presentation on emergencies that I have ever heard.

Greg Kammeyer DDS MS
Sun City West AZ

I have heard such great response and feedback. You truly explained everything in a way that is clear, concise, funny, and relatable.

Becky Milliner RDH
Louisville KY

Everyone, and I mean everyone, came to me afterwards in email or phone calls to say you are the best speaker and educator that they have heard in years, and I mean years.

Edie Fontaine
Great Lakes Dental
Study Club

We have received so much favorable feedback regarding your CE course and many are asking for your annual return!

Valerie Jacobs, BS, RDH
W. Pennsylvania DHA

I had the pleasure of hearing your lecture in Munster, IN. I took your message to heart and replaced my kit with a new emergency kit (with adult and jr epi pens), extra epi, and also a new defibrillator. We implemented your system of rotating staff members being responsible for checking the kit and practicing the epi pen. Just thought you’d want to know you made an impact.

Pam Zimmers, DDS
Schererville, IN