Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office: “Vital Signs” for the Dental Team

The population is aging in the US, bringing older and more medically complex patients to the dental office. The chances of encountering a serious medical emergency are greatly increased.  

The average general dentist who doesn’t offer advanced sedation services is often woefully unprepared to respond to an unexpected medical emergency. In addition, the team members may be totally in the dark about the emergency equipment and procedures. 

Having basic knowledge is important, but motivating the team to be confidently prepared is the key. This course is designed to empower the general practice members to incorporate a medical emergency Action Plan into their standard of care. Prevention and treatment of emergencies will be covered, with emphasis on team synergy. 

The course presents an upbeat, interactive, and often humorous approach to a serious topic. It offers many pearls and practical hints that will be put to use the very next day. As this is an interactive course, participants are asked to bring in their own emergency kits.


  • Recognize “clues” in the medical history that require further investigation
  • Analyze and utilize a “Medical History Questionnaire”
  • Incorporate current blood pressure guidelines in evaluating treatment risk
  • Describe the items important to have in a medical emergency kit
  • Demonstrate the proper use of all items in an emergency kit
  • Recognize the signs of a medical emergency and demonstrate the correct action for each type of emergency

audioAudio Clip of Cindy’s Medical Emergency Course