Oral Care for the Medically Complex Patient

Oral Care for the Medically Complex Patient:

Tricks of the Trade and Mistakes I’ve Made 

Care of the medically complex or disabled patient presents many challenges and rewards. This course addresses problems and solutions in treating patients who have experienced traumatic brain injury, like ABC News’ Bob Woodruff, spinal cord injury, like Christopher Reeve, or a stroke, like Dick Clark. Hear accounts of how the presenter learned through trial and error, as she relates her more than 25 years of experience with a light-hearted and compassionate style.


  • Describe medical manifestations of these types of impaired patients
  • Recognize specific oral conditions associated with the various disabilities
  • Identify appropriate products for treatment of the xerostomic patient
  • Provide appropriate clinical care utilizing new techniques
  • Establish appropriate daily oral care plans for patients utilizing the correct oral hygiene supplies